The Man Behind The Smiles

Meet Dr Nick Clifford


Dr. Nick Clifford

Dr. Nick Clifford, a native of Little Rock, Arkansas, is not your ordinary dentist – his journey is a captivating blend of athleticism, academic excellence, and a deep-rooted love for dentistry.

Born and raised in the heart of Arkansas, Dr. Clifford’s early years were marked by a fervor for tennis. This passion led him to Collin County Community College on a full tennis scholarship, where he not only showcased his skills but soared to victory, winning Nationals in doubles alongside his partner, Rishan from Sweden, in 2007.

Transitioning to UT Dallas, Dr. Clifford seamlessly merged his love for tennis with academic pursuits, earning a Bachelor of Biology degree. Amidst the rigors of collegiate life, his unwavering passion for dentistry remained steadfast. Setting a goal in High School to pursue this calling, he realized his dream when accepted into Baylor College of Dentistry, graduating in 2014.

Beyond the accolades and degrees, Dr. Clifford is a family man. While pursuing his education, he met and married his lovely wife, Whitney. Together, they have built a beautiful family with three daughters and one son, creating a strong foundation that fuels Dr. Clifford’s dedication to his craft.

In 2017, Dr. Clifford’s journey took an exciting turn when he crossed paths with Dr. Wells, leading to the takeover of a dental practice. As the torchbearer, he has seamlessly integrated into the role, bringing his unique blend of professionalism and a personable touch to patient care.

Dr. Clifford’s commitment to an active lifestyle is evident in his continued involvement in tennis and CrossFit. With aspirations to summit Mount Everest, he exemplifies a spirit of adventure that extends beyond the dental chair.

More than a skilled practitioner, Dr. Nick Clifford is a genuine people person. His practice is not just a workplace; it’s a second home where pranks and laughter are a daily occurrence. He treats his team and patients like family, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie.

Step into Dr. Clifford’s world, where dentistry meets passion, athleticism, and a commitment to building smiles that go beyond the surface – a testament to a life dedicated to making a positive impact, one smile at a time.